Buy Vegetable

help Elders Charity!

Eat Heath also help elders canteen charity! 

Eat Health

No-pesticide vegetable


Buy vegetable also help elder canteen get vegetable

Eco friendly

Eco-Friendly Farm Method

Fresh vegetable
from Local Farm!

​From Farm to Elders' Table

We sharing the agricultural products from eco-friendly farmers  to the public.

While buying the non-toxic agricultural products, You can also help the local Elderly Canteen to obtain vegetables!

​​From Farm to Elders' Table

​Enjoy vegetables with Canteens elders

——〖Order Our Product〗——

|From Farm to elders table​​|
Cooperation cycle

Enjoy non-toxic vegetables and enjoy the happiness of helping elders

 Let farmers 

be seen by more people

We hope to connect the eco-friendly farmers to be seen by public.

Chris, a farmer from Seattle, is not just a  farmer, but also full passion with promoting green education, leading friends of all ages to know the how aquaponic agriculture work! 🌱

Buy 10kg vegetable, canteen could get 1kg

Every non-toxic vegetables can not only be enjoyed by consumers, the elders canteen nearby farm can also get fresh vegetable and enjoy together 💗

Order vegetables

Order vegetables

Order vegetables

Order vegetables

Order vegetables








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